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International Hard Asset Inv. is an Independent Bullion Dealer specializing in the purchase, storage and/or leveraging  of  precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our depository program enables you to store your metal in secure vaults that are fully insured and audited. We have experienced and informed bullion agents on staff to assist you in making your purchase.

With the depository program, you can leverage your metal which gives you the ability to do more with with less. The classic illustration of leverage at work is a relatively small amount of money that controls a larger sum. Through our credit facility, we can offer financing of up to 75% of the value of your total metal purchase. By means of this financing, you can leverage your metals purchase by sending in only a portion of the total value of the precious metals that you wish to purchase. When you make a leverage precious metals purchase, the full amount of your purchased metal will be delivered on your behalf to a licensed and approved depository.

Once your metal is stored in the depository, title will be transferred to you. You will receive secure legal title from the depository which is called Commodity Title Transfer Notice. You may take delivery of metal at any time provided the metal is paid in full. 

  Buy and sell Gold, Silver, Platinum and 


•   Get up to the minute real time quotes

•   Fund your account with a wire, check or
     use your precious metals

•   Secure, legal title is transferred to you at
     the completion of your purchase

•   Up to 3 to 1 leverage
•   24/7 Online Access
•   Take delivery of your metal at anytime
     upon full payment of the financed portion


•   Use your excess equity to purchase
     additional metals or have money sent home



You can finance up to 75% of the current market value of the metal purchased 

Interest charged on unpaid balance at a variable rate above prime 

Maintenance Requirement: Minimum 20% of the current market value

A minimum of 25% deposit is required to make a purchase

You may liquidate any portion or all of your precious metals with one simple phone call 

Because of the volatile nature of precious metals prices, the purchase of such vehicles involves risk and is therefore considered speculative in nature. In addition,
since adverse price movements using such vehicles can result in a real loss of part or all of your investment, only risk capital should be used to make this purchase.