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Of All the Precious Metals, Gold is the Most Popular

From the dawn of civilization, gold’s beauty and luster have produced a rare mythical quality unmatched by any other metal. One of the earliest and most valued metals known to man. For centuries men everywhere have dreamed of finding gold. Men have mined it, bartered with it, and even died for it since the beginnings of civilization. It is virtually indestructible, resists corrosion, blocks 98% of radioactivity and conducts electricity. Its uses are almost endless and have just begun to be tapped.

Limited Supply

Today some 90% of the world’s  gold is found in only four countries, South Africa, the former Soviet Union, the United States and Canada. South Africa has dominated world gold production and accounts for about 50% of the total world supply. The former Soviet Union accounts for 32%, the United States for 6%, and Canada for 3%. The rest of the world combined produces about 9%. The total yield, however, has been incredibly small. Unlike other such commodities, because of hoarding and stockpiling, each year’s production is a very small part of the available supply. An estimated 2/3 of all the gold on earth has already been mined.

Only about 88,000 tons have been extracted from the earth in all of recorded history. All of this could be formed into one cube 18 yards high. It is this scarcity, along with gold’s beauty, durability, and compactness that has made gold the ideal standard and store of value.

World Wide Liquidity

Perhaps the most amazing feature  of gold is its stability as a standard of real value. Although its value may fluctuate, history proves its buying power tends to remain the same. Gold has been the most coveted metal in the world and the single most trusted international medium  of exchange for thousands of years. Trade between countries frequently is based on gold’s value as it is the world’s most reliable currency.

While paper currencies have been devalued, eroded by inflation, and become virtually worthless, gold has maintained its purchasing power. Gold has been the established  monetary standard for centuries. During times of inflation, people have turned to gold for both profit and protection.

Proven Hedge Against Inflation

The primary factors influencing gold prices are anticipated inflation caused by huge U.S. deficits and  the diminishing power of world currencies. As people lose confidence in a government’s ability to control inflationary pressures, they turn to gold. While gold prices may fluctuate from day to day in world markets, the long-term demand for this timeless treasure can be expected to continue. The current gold market conditions offer promising opportunities; take advantage of these opportunities and own gold today.

Here are some samples of the Gold Coins and Bullion Bars we have for sale:

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin
Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins
American Eagle Gold Coin
American Eagle Gold Coins
American Buffalo Gold Coin
American Buffalo Gold Coins
Credit Suisse 1oz. Bars
Credit Suisse 1oz. Bars


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