Why Diamonds

Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds are result in from volatile conditions that create vivid hues of red, green, violet, purple, blue, orange and pink. Like a snowflake, no two diamonds are alike. Their hue, shape, cut and polish make each unique and distinct, contributing to their overall value.

Created by nature, the color comes from the presence of different natural elements such as boron (blue), uranium ore (green), and nitrogen (yellow). So called “black diamonds” result from the presence of dark inclusions while red, pink and brown diamonds contain natural crystal lattice defects that cause these colors.

What Contributes to the Value of a Colored Diamond?

  1. A carat is the standard weight measurement for a diamond.
  2. The more intense and saturated the color, the more valuable the diamond.
  3. Investing in rare colored diamonds should be viewed as a medium to long-term investment.
  4. Colored diamonds’ value have continued to increase as they become scarcer.
  5. Because of their rarity, Fancy Colored Diamonds have experienced substantial increases in their value.

Ten Reasons to Purchase Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

  1. Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds are deemed by some to be the most valuable invisible international currency.
  2. They provide “portable wealth” due to their ease of movement; a multimillion dollar portfolio can be held in the palm of your hand.
  3. Fancy Colored Diamonds can be a store of value protecting against inflation, economic upheavals, or devaluation of paper fiat  currencies.
  4. Demand is growing for Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds, worldwide, as the supply is gradually dwindling.
  5. They require no maintenance and can be easily carried and stored.
  6. Fancy Colored Diamonds are a sign of prestige and wealth.
  7. For estate planning purposes, Fancy Colored Diamonds can be privately passed down to future generations.
  8. Although subject to value fluctuations and volatility, Fancy Colored Diamonds can be a valuable long term investment.
  9. Fancy Colored Diamonds are a private way to diversify and store assets. In most countries no registration or disclosure of holdings is required.
  10. Due to their rarity and intense colors, Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds are the crème de la crème when worn as jewelry.



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