Colored Diamonds

Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds are the most valuable diamonds on Earth. They account for just one in every 10,000 diamonds produced, and have long been cherished for their beauty in rare form, retaining value and making prized and valuable tools within the diamond industry.


While the majority of diamonds are thought of as white or colorless, diamonds also exist in an innumerable array of colors: deep pinks, fiery oranges, and cool blues, among others. How exactly do these fascinating and wide-ranging colors occur? It takes a very specific – and very rare – set of circumstances before colored diamonds will be produced, such as the presence of boron that gives blue diamonds their color. It is this specificity that makes colored diamonds so scarce and highly coveted – a true gemological wonder all on their own.


There has been a growing interest for fancy colored diamond engagement rings amongst Hollywood A-listers and royalty. Princes Diane’s 1981 blue sapphire engagement ring is back in the public eye being worn by Kate Middleton, and celebrities Halle Berry, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez all have opted for rare and exquisite colored diamond engagement rings, sparking demand amongst high-end shoppers.

Colleagues and associates at International Hard Asset provide valuable expertise in the purchase of these rarest of rare diamonds for your personal adornment. With your input, we will help find the right diamond that meets your desires and standards. Our jewelers will then design a custom mounting that unleashes the diamond’s natural radiance from every angle. The finished jewels, glamorous rings, radiant earrings, alluring pendants and necklaces will light up a room with a turn of the head and wave of the hand.

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