Secure your retirement with an IRA account. Opening a Precious Metals IRA Account can be done in just in a few easy steps and they are suitable for anyone who wishes to transfer funds from any type of existing IRA or start a new IRA.

If you have a 401K from a previous employer, those funds may be transferred into a new Gold IRA as well.

Please note however, that funds in a 401K with a current employer may not be transferred to a Gold Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Decide the Dollar amount you wish to invest, and the item you want. Or, give us a call and we’ll give you some suggestions within your investment range as well as explain the fees and walk you through the required paperwork.

Once your transfer has been executed, we’ll give you a call and guarantee price and quantity of your order right over the phone. We’ll deliver your order to the storage facility ( within 21 business days from the date we receive your transfer.

IRA’s can own any combination of Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium. Consider a gold alternative for your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). If the major financial markets collapse, do you really want to be holding “paper” investments in your IRA? Wouldn’t you rather own the oldest investment hedge known to man, an investment hedge which has been relied upon for over five thousand years… GOLD?


Traditionally, millions of investors have all of their retirement savings locked into bonds and the stock market. If stocks, bonds and other paper  investments start to plummet, investors will flee those markets looking for an alternative investment that provides liquidity and safety. This investment has historically been precious metals.

Frequently Asked Questions placing precious metals in your IRA:

Q. Can I take physical possession of the metals?
A. No. If you purchase precious metals using your IRA you can not take possession. The Metals will be stored in your name at DDSC At the age of 59½ or older you will be able to then take possession without any penalties.

Q. What is the minimum account transfer?
A. Very low, the minimum is only $5,000.

Q. Are there specific types of metals allowed in the IRA?
A. Yes, you can choose the recommended proofs or certain other bullion coins or bars that meet IRS requirements.

Q. What types of penalties would I incur?
A. None, you will not incur any penalties. You are simply transferring assets from one qualified retirement plan to another.