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FAQ — Colored Diamonds +

Why is a Colored Diamond Rare?

The numbers speak for themselves. There are approximately 110 million carats of diamonds mined each year. A mere 2000 carats will be cut and polished colored diamonds. Moreover, only 1100 out of these will be suitable as an investment.


What makes Colored Diamonds Appealing?

For one thing, they are easily transported, making them among the most portable form of wealth in the world. They are also a rare and private means of investing in hard assets.


Are Colored Diamonds a Strong Investment?

Most definitely. Demand for colored diamonds is increasing as supplies are falling. A number of diamond mines in South Africa were shut down between 2006 and 2009. The fewer the mines producing diamonds, the stronger the value of existing stones.


Can Colored Diamonds be used as a Means of Wealth Preservation?

Yes. Stocks and bonds can rise and fall in value according to the movement of overall markets. Additionally, real estate cannot be sold quickly, particularly in tumultuous times. Historically, precious gems have the ability to provide a safety net during times of political and economic upheaval, such as during World War Two when refugees fled Europe with only jewelry as a financial means of starting life over.

Interested in learning more? Contact International Hard Assets to learn how you can take steps to preserve your wealth with one of the most stable asset classes in all of human history. Diamonds are essential components of a diversified, well rounded portfolio.

FAQ — Precious Metals +

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