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Dow Companies Report Worst Revenues since 2010, Dow Rises to 20,000 (LOL?)

January 31, 2017, 07:34 PM

The Dow-20,000 hats have come out of the drawer after an agonizingly long wait that had commenced in early December with the Dow Jones Industrial Average tantalizingly close to the sacred number before the selling started all over again.

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Here Comes The 2017 Gold Rush

January 31, 2017, 06:36 PM

Predicting precious metal prices out in the future is no easy task but with a few contrarian stat’s and other facts you can get an idea of how somewhat it will play out.

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Coincidence? Dow Hits 20,000 As National Debt Reaches $20 Trillion

January 31, 2017, 06:33 PM

On Wednesday, the Dow crossed the 20,000 mark for the first time ever, and this comes at a time when the U.S. national debt is right on the verge of hitting 20 trillion dollars.

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Demand for colored diamonds rockets as investors hunt for returns

January 31, 2017, 03:52 PM

Last spring, Mahyar Makhzani, a Geneva-based fund manager, placed a 4.08-carat pear-shaped gem against special ultrawhite paper and peered at it through his eyeglass. He liked what he saw.

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Gundlach sees Trump views weakening dollar, boosting TIPS demand

January 31, 2017, 03:07 PM

Jeffrey Gundlach has predicted a weaker dollar and more demand for inflation-protected securities now that U.S. President Donald Trump has “doubled down” on his stance regarding trade and securing jobs in America.

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New Volkswagen Windshield Won’t Frost Because There’s Silver in It

January 31, 2017, 03:06 PM

If you own a car and you live somewhere in the world where it snows regularly, you know that going for a drive in the winter involves an annoying extra step: getting rid of a layer of vision-obscuring frost covering your windshield. Volkswagen’s new solution is to put literal silver inside the windshield. You know, the precious metal.

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Merlin has just unearthed Australia’s fifth largest diamond

January 27, 2017, 07:21 PM

Merlin Diamonds has unearthed Australia’s fifth largest diamond from its namesake mine in Australia’s Northern Territory, currently in the ramp up phase…

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US stocks are now the most overpriced since the 2000 crash.

January 27, 2017, 07:17 PM

Yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit another major milestone: 20,000.

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The Second Largest Bubble in 100 Years

January 27, 2017, 07:16 PM

How about the second-biggest stock bubble of the past 100 years! That’s the conclusion of veteran market technician Erik McCurdy, senior market technician for Prometheus Market Insight.

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Investors are bracing for a massive stock-market selloff

January 24, 2017, 04:08 PM

If options traders are correct, stocks are in for a wild ride in February…

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