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Hedge Fund Investors Withdrew $28.2 Billion in Third Quarter

October 25, 2016, 02:51 PM

Hedge fund investors pulled $28.2 billion from the industry in the third quarter, the most since the aftermath of the global financial crisis, according to Hedge Fund Research Inc.

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If gold gets below $1,250 an ounce, start buying: Goldman

October 21, 2016, 03:01 PM

Gold is facing a nearly 5% loss this week, its biggest weekly drop since November 2015, but Goldman Sachs is telling gold bugs to hang on.

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John Embry Says Maguire Is Right, Gold & Silver Smash Was Orchestrated To Bailout Shorts

October 18, 2016, 03:08 PM

On the heels of yesterday’s plunge in gold and silver, today John Embry told King World News that Andrew Maguire is right, the gold and silver smash was orchestrated to bailout shorts.

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Red alert for US stocks with ‘very high’ chance of severe fall, warns HSBC

October 17, 2016, 07:13 PM

“The possibility of a severe fall in the stock market is now very high,” warn technical analysts at HSBC, who have dialed up the bank’s outlook for U.S. stock markets to “red alert” following an aggressive wave of selling.

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Elliott Wave Analysis: Gold In Final Stages Of A Consolidation

October 17, 2016, 05:46 PM

Break above the 1302 level would suggest that the correction is completed and higher prices may show up…

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The Run Begins: Deutsche Bank Hedge Fund Clients Withdraw Excess Cash

October 17, 2016, 05:43 PM

Deutsche Bank concerns just went to ’11’ as Bloomberg reports a number of funds that clear derivatives trades with Deutsche Bank AG have withdrawn some excess cash and positions held at the lender

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NIRP is the Fuel that Will Rocket Gold to $5,000 or Higher

October 07, 2016, 06:25 PM

In a world in which bonds are charging you to hold them, gold with its ZERO yield has become attractive as an investment…

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PRECIOUS-Gold gains as stocks slide on Deutsche Bank worries

October 04, 2016, 01:54 PM

Sept 30 Gold rose on Friday as concerns about Deutsche Bank triggered a sharp sell-off in equities that undermined risk appetite, and mixed U.S. data indicated that the Federal Reserve might be cautious about raising interest rates.

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