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Leviev Executive V.P. Lisa Klein on what to look for when shopping for a colored diamonds.

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Inevitable Stock-Market Correction To Push Gold Out Of Range – Analyst

“I think there is reason to be bullish in the long term,” Razaqzada said. “Eventually, investors are going to realize that equities are overvalued. Everyday risks build for an equity correction and that is good for gold.”

Goldman Warns That Stocks Are at Their Highest Valuations Since 1900

“It has seldom been the case that equities, bonds and credit have been similarly expensive at the same time, only in the Roaring ’20s and the Golden ’50s,” Goldman Sachs International strategists including Christian Mueller-Glissman wrote in a note this week. “All good things must come to an end” and “there will be a bear market, eventually” they said.